kbd-wrdle.jpgLinks to Web Sites that Reinforce Proper Keyboarding Techniques Drill & Practice:

Dance Mat Typing at BBC Home:
At this web site you will find four levels in a number of stages that walk you from home row to each of the reaches along with numbers and punctuation. Another added feature is that the site offers printable masters that can be used in addition to the on-line lessons.
Type OnLine:
Proper techniques for reaches and instruction on keyboarding techniques is the focus of this site that originates in the United Kingdom. You'll notice an English accent on the audio portions of this site. Keyboarding exercises on each of the keys is included at this site which is a good starting point for students. Timed typing tests are also featured.
At this site you will find fifteen lessons that begin with home row and work their way through the entire keyboard. If students type an incorrect key an alert will show and change the background color. Sounds can be disabled if students are using a lab setting or do not have access to headphones. The line scrolls across the screen and I find it hard sometimes to see the spaces which could be a problem for students who have visual tracking problems.