ESU#3 districts, on a limited basis have requested information on keyboarding for the intermediate level grades, as well as links to web sites for keyboarding reinforcement. This wikispace offers web sites that reinforce proper keyboarding techniques as well as timed typing tests.

As a general guideline, a realistic expectation for students at the various grade levels would be as follows:

  • Grade 5: One minute timed writing--15-19 wpm with 90% accuracy and proper techniques
  • Grade 6: One minute timed writing--20-25 wpm with 90% accuracy and proper techniques
  • Grades 7-8: One minute timed writing--25-35 wpm with 90% accuracy and proper techniques

Keyboarding is a skill built through drill and practice with proper technique over time. Keyboarding skills must be reinforced on a regular basis when stuents are using the keyboard. The recommended instruction for keyboarding at grades 3-6 is 15-20 minutes per day for 5-6 weeks and 20-30 minutes per day at grades 7-8 to attain a useable skill in alphabetic keyboarding.